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Multi-Manager Strategies

Long established Polaris strategies managed by two or more advisors Polaris considers exceptionally talented and to have an expertise in a specific strategy or market sector.  Manager selection is not only based on a long track record of superior risk-adjusted returns but also by finding managers with low correlations to each other.  These variances in return may be caused by geographical focus, investment style or some other differentiating factor or factors.  The benefit is to provide less volatility while not decreasing expected long term returns.  As with many Polaris managers, our multi-fund managers are no longer open to new clients and or/ have minimums making them inaccessible to all but a few.

Currently available multi-manager funds (subject to change)

Health Care focused fund

         ─ Long only established company special situation

         ─ All cap long/short value-oriented

To learn about Polaris Multi-Manager strategies please fill out our accredited investor questionnaire 

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