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Single-Manager Fund

Multi-Manager Funds

Currently Available Hedge Strategies

Aggressive Technology Trading

New York City based aggressive equity trader seeking short-term moves in equity markets and stocks driven by fundamentals.  Some  emphasis on technology-related companies. 

Biotechnology & Healthcare

Blend of equity manager specialists with deep value philosophies but differing strategies and focus.

Global Macro Investing

Multi-strategy, multi-geographic managers, each with substantial depth of investment expertise and infrastructure. Trusteed solely for IRAs.

Strategic Allocations

Primarily an aggressive short-term equity and technology trading manager, complemented by a small holding in a Toronto-based, Canadian market manager.  Trusteed solely for IRAs.

Opportunistic Diversified

Small & micro-cap equities, private placements, real estate, and managed CTAs.   The non-CTA portion is self-managed by Polaris. 

For accredited investors and qualified purchasers only. Please contact Rob Wattie ( or 843-414-4000) for eligibility requirements.

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