Polaris Investment Services

The Polaris investment philosophy follows the premise that traditional strategies have an important place in every portfolio . . . but, long-term goals are best achieved when opportunities also encompass alternative assets.  Polaris investment programs are designed with this philosophy in mind. 


Personal Financial Hub

Polaris offers access to a wealth platform where users can combine, view and analyze their complete financial profile from a single web location — regardless of the originating source (brokerage, bank, other advisers, etc.).  Interactive assistance with additional financial tasks is also a part of this complimentary resource. Investors are encouraged to establish their own Polaris Hub Account.


Traditional Private Accounts

Polaris Private Accounts are client-driven, designed to achieve an investor’s financial objectives and complement their stage of wealth management experience.  Strategies are primarily equity-oriented, including individual stocks and a range of ETFs as appropriate to account size. 


Alternative Investment Strategies

From its formation, Polaris has been an active player in alternative assets and hedge funds, primarily as a “manager of managers.”  The principals screen and scrutinize other investment managers, seeking to identify top talent in specialized markets.  Several single and multi-manager hedge strategies are available to accredited investors and qualified-purchasers. 

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