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The Polaris investment philosophy stems from the premise that traditional strategies have an important place in every portfolio . . . but, long-term goals are best achieved when opportunities can also encompass alternative assets. Polaris investment programs are designed with this philosophy in mind.  The recommended starting point is a systematic analysis of current investments, defining a comfortable level of risk, and setting objectives.


Through collaboration with a digital platform provider, Polaris enables investors to interactively set objectives and establish their personal risk tolerance.  A Profile account also becomes a single web location to  organize and access all personal financial accounts regardless of their source (brokerage, banks, and other advisers). This service is complimentary, and investors are encouraged to set up an account on the Polaris Profile Platform. Online access to Polaris account reports is available at this location.

Traditional Private Accounts

Clients take advantage of Polaris to manage all or a portion of their assets in a privately customized portfolio. 


Alternative Strategies

Others ask for guidance in selecting an alternative strategy that might best compliment their existing investments.  

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