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Alternative Investment Strategies

Established alternative hedge strategies are managed by advisers Polaris considers exceptionally skilled with expertise in a very special market niche.  Its network of managers spans locations worldwide.  Many of these managers are closed to new clients, or have minimums making them inaccessible to all but the largest investors. Polaris is proud to provide such top talent through its funds.

The selection process involves filtering through numerous alternative managers each year. Many candidates are sourced through long-term relationships with hedge fund consultants and marketing organizations.  Others come by way of direct contact and peer recommendations. There are no short cuts to identifying good managers.  Significant due diligence includes analyzing returns, evaluating strategies, probing references, and conducting in-depth manager interviews. Tracking and monitoring performance versus the manager’s strategy and tactics is continuous.

Polaris creates both single-manager and multi-manager hedge funds.  Managers selected for multi-manager funds are further analyzed together, seeking low correlation of past returns and the benefit of less volatility. 

Currently Available Hedge Strategies

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