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Background.  John C. Pernell, Jr., President and Chief Investment Officer, is an investment and financial services veteran, whose experience and success in hedge funds, traditional assets, and real estate inspired the creation of Polaris Investment Partners, Inc.  In 1987, he was the Managing Director of a specialized trust division of Furman Selz (now ING Group), formed as a joint venture with Chase Manhattan Bank.  In 1990, this venture spun-off, creating Polaris as an independent, registered adviser.  The firm relocated from New York City to Charleston, South Carolina four years later.


Clients of Polaris enjoy a personal working relationship with the firm’s professionals.  The recommended starting point is a systematic analysis of current investments, establishing an investment objective, and defining  a comfortable level of risk. Some clients take advantage of Polaris to manage all or a portion of their assets in a separately managed portfolio.  Others ask for guidance in selecting an alternative strategy that might best compliment their existing investments.  

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