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Polaris Private Accounts

Polaris offers separately-managed accounts tailored to a client’s investment experience, risk appetite, and life circumstances.  Clients first complete a guided risk assessment profile.  Armed with this initial framework, one-on-one conversations with Polaris’ senior portfolio manager lead to a client-centric investment plan.  


Strategies are primarily equity-oriented, including individual stocks across a range of capitalizations and occasional ETFs – as appropriate to account size.  Fundamental research seeks attractive companies that have solid fundamentals, meet certain revenue and earnings per share hurdles, and are undervalued to their anticipated growth prospects.  ETF selection relies on economic and business cycle analysis seeking to capitalize on the cyclicality of investment-style factors.   


Technical analysis determines position entry and exit points.  Strong diversification principals are a key component to risk management, designed to provide attractive returns at lowered volatility.

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